Project Financing

Project financing loan is loan that is released to finance a new project.

SOFIS offers a project financing loan for services related business, such as consulting business, and contractors. The quality of your loan is 90% based on the quality of your contract agreement you have signed.

Project financing loan initial requirements are:

  1. At least 36 months in business
  2. A minimum of IDR 1 billion of annual sales
  3. No issue with tax liens
  4. You own at least 51% of the business
  5. You have good personal credit score and profile
  6. The business receives contract agreement from a reputable company (private or state-owned)

What we do not need:

  1. Collateral for loans under IDR 250.000.000,-
  2. Business plan
  3. Visit to your business
  4. Appraisals